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Russia's Highest Profile Jazz Music Festival

A Guide to Russia's Most Spectacular Summer Festivals
A Guide to Russia's Most Spectacular Summer Festivals from

An Overview of the Festival

Every year in the month of August, jazz music enthusiasts from all over the world flock to Moscow to attend Russia's highest profile jazz music festival. The Moscow Jazz Festival has been running since 1998 and is held in the city's Gorky Park. This event is always popular with music fans, and it has grown in size and scope each year. This year's event promises to be bigger and better than ever before.

The festival brings together some of the world's leading jazz musicians from across Russia and the world. It provides a platform for the best of the jazz genre to showcase their talents. From traditional jazz to modern jazz, and everything in between, the festival promises to be a musical experience like no other.

Highlights from the Festival

The Moscow Jazz Festival will feature several amazing performances from some of the world's most renowned jazz performers. Some of the highlights of the festival include the Russian National Jazz Orchestra, which was formed in 1998, and features some of the top jazz musicians in the country. The orchestra will be performing some of their greatest hits, as well as performing some original compositions.

Another highlight of the festival is the performance of the Moscow Jazz Trio, which is comprised of three of the best jazz musicians in the city. This trio, which includes trumpeter Oleg Lutchenko, pianist Andrei Klimkovsky and bassist Dmitry Baev, will be performing some of their original compositions, as well as some of their favorite jazz classics.

Additionally, the festival will feature some of the best jazz musicians from Russia and the world, who will be performing some of their best pieces. Some of the performers will include the renowned Russian jazz pianist and composer, Alexander Alexandrov, as well as the Russian jazz guitarist and composer, Vladimir Kochetov.

Other Events at the Festival

In addition to the incredible music performances, the Moscow Jazz Festival also features several other events. These include workshops, art exhibits, and lectures. These events provide the opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of jazz music in Russia and around the world. The festival also features a variety of food and drink vendors, as well as a wide selection of souvenirs and merchandise.

The festival also features a variety of other activities and entertainment, such as movie screenings and art exhibitions. Additionally, the festival hosts a variety of cultural activities, such as traditional Russian folk dances and music.

Attending the Festival

Attendees of the Moscow Jazz Festival can purchase tickets for the entire event, or for individual days or performances. The festival also offers discounted tickets for groups, as well as special packages for families. Additionally, the festival offers special discounts for students, seniors, and members of the military.

For those who are unable to attend the event in person, the festival offers live streaming of some of the performances, as well as recordings of the performances. Additionally, the festival is broadcast on radio stations throughout the country.


The Moscow Jazz Festival is one of the most popular and iconic events in Russia. Every year, it brings together some of the world's most talented jazz musicians and provides a platform for them to showcase their talent. Whether you're a fan of jazz music or not, attending the festival is always a memorable experience.

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