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Exploring Festivals In Russia

The best Russian festivals and celebrations Expatica
The best Russian festivals and celebrations Expatica from


Russia, a country filled with culture and traditions, holds a variety of festivals throughout the year. From the traditional Russian Orthodox Easter to the bustling Moscow International Film Festival, these festivals bring together people from all walks of life and give them an opportunity to celebrate Russia’s heritage. Here, we explore some of the most popular festivals in Russia and delve deeper into the cultural and historical significance of each event.


Maslenitsa, or “Butter Week”, is a traditional Russian holiday that marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring. It is celebrated during the last week before Lent, which falls around the end of February or beginning of March. The festival is celebrated with a variety of activities, including traditional pancake-making and folk dancing. People also dress up in costumes and visit different villages to take part in festivities. The highlight of the festival is the burning of a straw effigy of Lady Maslenitsa, which symbolizes the end of winter.

Russian Easter

Russian Easter is an important religious holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is customarily celebrated with a variety of activities, such as attending the Easter service, decorating Easter eggs, and participating in Easter egg hunts. On the morning of Easter Sunday, people gather in churches to sing hymns and pray. This is followed by a festive Easter meal, which includes a variety of traditional dishes such as pashka, a cheese-based dessert, and Russian Easter cakes.

Victory Day

Victory Day is an important holiday in Russia that celebrates the Soviet Union’s victory over Nazi Germany in 1945. It is held on the 9th of May every year and is marked by a grand military parade in Red Square. The parade features military personnel, tanks, and other military equipment. The event is attended by the President and other important dignitaries, as well as tens of thousands of spectators. Following the parade, people gather in parks and squares to celebrate with concerts, fireworks, and other festivities.

Moscow International Film Festival

The Moscow International Film Festival is an annual event that showcases the best of world cinema. Held in June, the festival attracts filmmakers, actors, and other film professionals from around the world. The festival is divided into a number of sections, including International Competition, Documentary Competition, and Forum of Independents. During the festival, visitors can attend screenings, take part in workshops, and enjoy a variety of special events.

Moscow Music Festival

The Moscow Music Festival is an annual event held in June that celebrates the city’s vibrant music scene. The festival features a variety of genres, from classical music to rock and pop. It is held in a variety of locations throughout the city, including parks, squares, and even underground stations. The festival also features a number of special events, such as dance performances, workshops, and art exhibitions.

White Nights Festival

The White Nights Festival is an annual event held in St. Petersburg during the summer months. The festival features a wide range of events, including concerts, theatre performances, and art exhibitions. It is held in some of the most beautiful locations in the city, including the Hermitage Museum and the Peter and Paul Fortress. The highlight of the festival is the spectacular bridge opening ceremony, which marks the beginning of the summer season.

Kamchatka Fireworks Festival

The Kamchatka Fireworks Festival is an annual event held in the remote Kamchatka region of Russia. It is held in late August and features a spectacular display of fireworks. The event is attended by thousands of tourists and locals alike, who come to enjoy the beauty of the region. The festival also includes a variety of other activities, such as parades, concerts, and art exhibitions.


Russia is a country filled with culture and traditions, and the festivals that are celebrated throughout the year are a testament to this. From the traditional Maslenitsa to the modern Moscow International Film Festival, these festivals bring people together to celebrate Russia’s heritage and mark the turning of the seasons.

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